Reflections on Regionalism: Orthodox Church Chanting in Lithuania

One of the main orthodox canons is that this Church is universal-catholic, so it has to unite and be open for all the orthodox believers, no matter the race, nationality, status, etc. There is a heresy (heresy is that it is not canonic) in the Orthodox Church, called filetism. It formed in 19th c. after the Greek-Bulgarian schizma, when a part of Bulgarian believers separated from the Orthodox Church because, they wanted to create a separate Bulgarian Orthodox Church, open only for Bulgarian believers.

On the other hand, Orthodox Church doesn’t intend to be global and create one and only Church worldwide, of one language or one tradition. The universality of the church is not a privilege of an only throne or a center, but it manifests in a variety of local traditions that unanimously point the same truth. It’s liberal when it comes to different country’s traditions and cultures, that is why there is such a phenomena like local orthodox liturgical culture and chanting tradition. Skaityti toliau